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Is a graduation ceremony as important as people make it?

My sister is graduating and has organized this big graduation dinner afterward. I, on the other hand, did not attend two of my graduations. My absence in the first one was out of necessity and the other was out of choice. Anyway, for the past month, she has been bagging me to help her view graduation venues and select one for her dinner party. Though I am supportive of her endeavors, I feel like she is putting too much importance on this event. What is the essence of a graduation ceremony?

James Washington

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1 answer

Aaron Lee on May 17, 2018

The simple answer is graduation ceremonies are as important as a person graduating makes them. However, attending or not attending your graduation doesn’t mean anything.

Graduation marks a transition or accomplishment in your life, and the ceremony acts as a way to honor such transition in front of your loved ones. It is human nature to love ceremonies, and graduation day events have existed from as early as the 12th century in European universities.

So, I will give you some true to life facts that explain why attending your graduation is important:

  • You don’t get to redo it: this statement is especially true if you are graduating from college. You have been studying for four years to earn that degree and get into the job market, and the commencement marks the end of that period of your life so you can start your new career. Well, you only have this one time to celebrate your graduation, and even if you do plan on attending graduate school, later on, the graduation will be a different celebration altogether. It is the only time you get to attend a ceremony honoring your academic achievement, why do you want to miss it?
  • It does honor your academic accomplishment: you may think events associated with graduation such as graduation dinners are a waste of time. However, if you think about all the years you spent attending lectures, writing down notes and assignments, studying and doing exams, you will realize that you were working towards something. Celebrating the final achievement of all your hard work is good.
  • You get to honor your parents/ guardian as they have been supportive during this period of your life. Whether it is financial or moral support, you might not have made it through if not for them. The main support comes from your parents or a guardian and giving them the chance to attend your graduation not only honors them but also gives them a chance to celebrate the accomplishments you have made.
  • You get gifts from your loved ones: people don’t show up at a graduation venue empty-handed, and the standard gift for someone who has just graduated is money. One thing that sure comes with finishing college is getting broke and the money you receive on your graduation day can come in handy. 

Tad Frazier2 years ago

I agree that no one should miss their graduation ceremony if they can attend it. It does help you make a transition to a new stage of your life. Even if it not one of those favorite things you prefer to do with your day, it is only one day after several years of working towards a goal that you get to look back and appreciate your results. Plus, such a day is symbolic for you. High chances are if you miss this significant event you will regret it or always wonder how it would have felt if you had gone through with it.

Another reason why I think this ceremony is important is that it sets a precedent for your future generations. Trust me, once you are a parent, there are few events that will give you as much joy as seeing your kids graduate. 

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