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Is a constitution a domestic or international law?

Kathy Robinson

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1 answer

Megan Page on September 13, 2018

A "Constitution" in reality, it is not a law but an agreementamong parties to be bound by the provisions contained in suchConstitution. Constitutions typically define the structure of agoverning body, including the major bureaus or divisions and thepowers are granted. Within the definition of the powers arethe provisions that determine how a law is approved and implemented, as well as the way in which it can be amended or repealed. The important point asit regards to your question is that people usually refer to toa the Constitution of the implementation of a nation, but it is a term that can haveapplication to any government body, political or otherwise, domesticor international. In the case of the national Constitution, you can only define thestructure and powers within that particular nation. That includesthe allocation of power and authority to enter into internationalagreements, including the international organizations that enforceinternational the law.

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