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Is a bank account levy good for only one time or will the account holder have to forfeit the funds of every paycheck?

Melissa Norris

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Karen Wright on July 26, 2018

In most of the states of the united states of a bank account levy is valid for a retreat within 30 days of the date of the execution. If the debt is not satisfied with the judgment of the owner to re-submit the statement, such as another bank levy. Generally a bank account levy can only be executed once 60-90 days after the original action. Unfortunately, in most cases the judgment holder can remove whatever amount necessary from the account to pay the debt, even if that means that the account holder is left without funds. This is only one reason that a bank account levy can be so harmful. Specific laws that apply to joint accounts as to how and when the account can be levied when only one account holder is the judgment debtor.

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