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Is 4tests a good website for getting free practice tests?

I am a high school senior currently in the process of applying for colleges. I want to get my grades up before I sit for my SAT exam again and I’m hoping to get my scores up on Math, English, Physics and Chemistry. How effective is their English practice test? I want to consistently train myself before I actually get to sitting for the SATs and I’m hoping I can do a mock test at least once a week. I need something I can learn from and teach myself with.

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

Derrick Little on January 19, 2018

Good luck on your applications. I’ve searched online for an online tutorial service that is also reliable and is a pretty good place to get training for different types of exams. I don’t know much about the SATs because I wasn’t applying to an American university. However, they do offer GED, TOEFL, ACT, ASVAB and yes, the SAT. The site is quite easy to maneuver although the design isn’t the most intuitive around. Studying for my GREs, I go great access to tutorials, educational forums and a study store. If you’re looking for English test practice, I’ve come across a written language and reading section which I figure is for the SAT, so you should be covered. What helped me the most were their free practice exams which, with enough discipline, can transform you into a great student.

I’d advise that if you want to pass your SATs, make maximum use of the mock exams that they offer. They have a large disclaimer on their homepage which says they don’t have anything for essays which are a crucial part of college applications. I found the service useful because instead of hiring expensive tutors, I was able to just use the internet and get the information that I needed on their site.

Apart from 4Tests there are tons of other services that you can try to use and see if you’ll be satisfied like TCYonline. Most of these offer the same products although 4Test goes a step beyond and becomes your own arrayed exam tutor. You can try questions from different types of tests, then compare your answers and see how well you performed. For example, I used to repeat questions, especially math over and over again until I felt comfortable I could do it. This really helped me up my GPA as a 3.7 in math is what I had been working towards.

I also got loads of other free content like strategies on how to pass certain papers. I’d say you’ve come to the right place with your query. Most of the study material that I got on the online tests were also what came on the actual test. This helped a lot, especially with my Math and Chemistry papers which were full of calculations. I also liked the fact that I could exchange ideas with students in study forums. This helped me gain new perspectives on topics.

Caleb Jenkins2 years ago

4tests comes highly recommended from me as someone who had been using it all the way from 8 th grade to college. I loved the distinct way in which I could study and test myself at the same time. It allowed me to see first-hand what mistakes I was making. Like yourself, I was also studying for my SATs and SAT subject tests. I started following study advice from their website when I was in 9 th grade and by the time I got to my senior year, I was more than ready to take the test. Test results came back and I had proudly managed a 2150/2400 in my SAT 1 and similar great performances in my subjects.

Anyway, I’d urge you to look at all their study guides and also get other sample SAT papers. You can work with both. They have vast study resources made of folks like you.

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