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Is 128 a good IQ score for a 15 year old female?

Jessie Thompson

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1 answer

1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on November 3, 2018

That can't be your IQ score... If it was you would never have asked the question in the first place.. This is in response and in defense of the 15 year-old girl who asked the CI issue and, subsequently, received the most rude response to what is likely to be an adult. Son, please do not listen to that person as is well-known and highly respected there is no question that is a silly question, when you are learning.. You will always be learning.. As for me, I am not 15, I'm 40. Unfortunately, recently, and apparently I have "dumbed down" since my last iq test. However, it should be on an average of the "correct" because each one of them were in the 15 + or - up or down. 128 being the lowest, 132, 135 highest. That said, the above was not a stupid question for a 15 year old girl.. I recently read in an article in statistical iq are only really high when combined with intuition. The IQ only reaches its maximum potential when the intuition is working in conjunction with the mental capabilities of the brain capacity of the highest order, which is what Sigmund Freud said years ago. That said, this article was also expressed from a very talented Professor at Harvard university who, after years of study of the students, it is only when the own capacity is able to disseminate and retain information of each piece and, in addition, to be able to use this ability to convince the judge of your high iq your iq, which means that the test taker was able to have convinced the Judge that the response was correct, when in reality I could be wrong" is also a gift. Therefore, the answer is, then, is based on the receiver's perception of the student's persuasive skills to get a higher score.. The odds that somebody is in the top 2% of the world is, obviously, very high, however, there are people who are in that category and are not good at the very basic but they are very, very talented, and can perceive, receive, resolve and separate the problems difficult compared to the simple; so many societies have been formed. I am a person.. Freud asserts that only a higher intelligence when it is combined with intuition and that this is when the sensory perception and the level of intelligence is in full swing.

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