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Industrial process which uses a catalyst?

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1 answer

Ronald Miller on September 15, 2019

Catalysts increase the rate of a reaction without taking place in the reaction themselves. This is very useful in the industry because it means that chemicals can be much faster usually slower than chemical reactions, and as catalysts take no part in the reaction themselves, they can be reused as much as its needed. Examples of catalysts in industries include the use of enzymes, biological catalysts slow down the substrates into the baby food in to small molecules from simpler ones.

Catalysts decrease the activation energy required for a reaction to occur. This means that more molecules will have the energy to react. Catalysts allow equilibrium established more quickly. Catalysts, in general, low reaction temperatures which leads to lower production costs.
The catalysts add the cost, for example, palladium in catalytic converters. The catalysts can be poisoned by waste products, for example. The sulphur in the gasoline and the oil can reduce the properties of the catalytic converters.

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