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In which institution can I find online math courses?

I believe an institution with a science learning center is what I need. In an SLC, I believe I can find support in mathematics and such an institution will most definitely offer online math courses. I also need an online-course-offering institution which will provide an environment which is supportive of learning. The SLC should be one where I can achieve my educational goals. The tutors should specialize in different science fields and should be welcoming to students looking for a good environment for study as well students interested in online school courses and maths in particular.

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

Ramon Kelly on February 26, 2018

UIC Online learning is convenient and rewarding professionals who are busy and still need to achieve their goals in education. That being said, however, online learning at UIC requires critical thinking, self-discipline, an up to date computer, good skills in writing and reliable internet connectivity. This should not scare you, though as one doesn’t require any specialized technical knowledge to succeed in University of Illinois at Chicago courses. What is required is ability to browse the web, basic skills in any word processing program, and ability to send a document through an email. If you can do that, then you have got the skills necessary to take a course at University of Illinois in Chicago.

UIC is proud when their students succeed and that is why they support students by ensuring that their learning software are easy to use and can be easily accessed through mobile devices and laptops. Additionally, they give students access to technical support on live chat as well as guidelines on using info and tools available on student courses.

Most courses at UIC are structured in such a way as to fit student’s schedule. This way, the student can log in to undertake assignments, complete within set time frames, and take part in class discussions at one’s own convenience. At UIC online learning, class participation has been enhanced and it is therefore, not only possible to spend some hours in a week completing the assigned work and learning course content, but also discussing online with the class members. In UIC’s Science Learning Centre, students with different expertise levels meet for the exchange of ideas. The Science Learning Facility is home to the sciences including chemistry, biology, physics, environmental science and earth and space.

Tutoring in the science courses is provided by student tutors and graduate teaching assistants. The student tutors are students who have passed excellently in the respective online school course. The graduate teaching assistants are available during regular office hours. Finding your teacher in the student learning centre is also possible since most of them use the open spaces in the student learning centre during working hours. The science learning centre also has computers meant for general use as well as a comp lab that is overseen by a consultant who is any user that’s facing difficulty with a computer. With such a facility tasks in online math programs are no problem since even friends meet there to brainstorm on difficult assignments.

Jordan Sotoa year ago

I will add important things that you should have mentioned about University of Illinois’ science learning centre. Non - discrimination is of high importance at UIC and at the learning centre. The Non – discrimination policy binds the students and the staff to principles of equality, human dignity and freedom. They believe that everyone should be accorded the same opportunity regardless of where they are from or the colour of their skin. At SLC, merit is the basis of all decisions as they have renounced all forms of discrimination. They don’t harass anyone due to their sexual orientation, religion affiliation, disability, colour, nationality or ancestry.

The Science learning center is home to study groups whose main focus is the sciences. The study groups are peer led and the student leaders are people who have skills in group dynamics, are experts in a certain field and have techniques in problem solving.

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