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In what ways can one benefit from the CEA study abroad program?

I recently found a blog of someone who has benefitted from CEA study abroad program. The author was explaining how efficient the project can be for students who want to study in foreign countries. The author went to study in France for a degree course at a young age and has since been able to benefit greatly. The author is a renowned businessman and he shares what is study abroad, and its importance in the current job market. Most graduates in our local universities are having a hard time in their line of education. They are not able to transit from stage to stage because of the hard times in the economy. They are, therefore, not able to get internships at the organizations of their choice. I would appreciate anyone who knows about the CEA program to tell me how it goes on and whether anyone can apply and get access to the mentioned benefits.

Samantha Barber

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1 answer

Justin Parker on July 13, 2018

I am currently studying in France for my second degree under the CEA abroad studies program. The CEA is a system that helps a student get access to academic excellence, internships, and adventure. The program enables around 4000 students from all over the globe to experience the greatness of education without limits. The program is developed so that more people can get the advantage of this opportunity.

The program has several subprograms, and everyone should take advantage and apply for the opportunity. The standard program is one of a kind; allowing you to choose a topic and subject as per your discipline. You make your course at the CEA study center. The teaching takes place in English or as per the language of the host language. For instance, most of the courses learned in France are in French while those studying in Spain are learning in Spanish.

Secondly, the hybrid program is an advancement of the standard curriculum. It is better in that you get taught in the classes but still have the opportunity to take courses with local partner universities that the sponsor organization has. Learning in these institutions will enable you to meet international and domestic students which builds your cross-cultural understanding. When the students graduate and secure jobs in the host countries, they do not have a problem with fitting in. The program prepares you for that.

Thirdly, internships are the building components of the students understanding. Through these internships, a learner can understand what he or she is expected to do at the place of work. CEA abroad study offers internship opportunities to its students. Its students can get internships in various organizations easing the burden of a student looking for the placement on their own. The internships are an advantage to students as they can learn and understand what they are supposed to do at their workplace. Moreover, they can network in their jobs with the other colleagues who can act as networking tools in future.

Equally important is the system of serving learning. This learning system helps an individual connect with his or her community and with the current issues in the world. Learners are thus able to compare and identify the challenges their communities are facing and identify how to resolve them. In the past, the service-learning students have been on placements in community action groups, neighborhood committees, municipal governments, and schools. I hope the above information answers the question of what is study abroad. 

Charles McAlear2 years ago

CEA studying abroad is an opportunity that would help students to grow not only academically but also to become independent. Many students who have undergone it have learned to become independent at their workplaces. It has enabled them to make milestone achievements. It is important to note that you can also qualify for the scholarship to allow you to study in an overseas country and learn the culture and language of the host country. For instance, studying in France would enable you to discover the host’s native language: French.

After completing the study abroad, the journey with CEA does not end there. CEA has a follow-up program for its alumni members. The alumnus engages with other alumni members in the alumni club, and there they encourage other students to enroll and submit their applications to join by exchanging gained experiences. It is also essential for networking purposes which could help a student learn about open job opportunities and so on. 

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