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In the triangle below, 8/15 represents which ratio? Download png

Alexa Spicer

in Mathematics

1 answer

1 answer

Cynthia Baker on September 30, 2018

In trigonometry, the trigonometric ratios are used to determine the value of trigonometric functions of the angles of a triangle.The trigonometric ratios are commonly called SOH-CAH-TOA, according to the formulas used to get then.Given a triangle with angles a, B, and C and sides of 17, 8 and 15.Since then, the denominator of the ratio is 15, which is not the hypotenuse (side tilt), therefore, the trigonometric function is neither sin nor cos, but so, therefore we seek the angle in which the side of length 15 is the adjacent side. The required angle is B. therefore, 8/15 represented as B.

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