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In the five C's, how is cost different from price? A. It includes the company's operating costs. B. It makes it easier to promote the product. C. It reduces the company's operating expenses. D. It includes all of the costs related to the product.

Karen Wright

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1 answer

Cynthia Baker on October 12, 2018

There are five C, while the product has a price.1. Cost - While the price of the product, the product price must include all costs associated with the product, that is marketing, selling and distribution and other costs.2. Clients - If the client will be able to pay the price and is the best judge.3. Channels of distribution - Through in what way you are going to get to your customers4. The competition - who are the competitors in the market and at what price the product is sold by them.5. The support Price must be made on the basis of how much the product is compatible with your supplement products.The correct answer is D, which says that the Cost includes all expenses related to the products.

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