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In Tennessee can you move out when you're 18 but haven't graduated high school yet?

Ronald Miller

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1 answer

1 answer

Kathy Robinson on October 31, 2019

Response . I don't think that... would have to pass the GED exam or high school. once at the age of 19, you can take the GED exam. If you have been denied graduation from high school, to see an alternative learning center in the meantime. You can have a degree before the end of the summer. The GED is much more difficult than you can wait and not be seen as the same weight, since even a HS record with straight D grades. It is true... there's no shortcut. Unless... You are really smart... Take a Test CLEP, to get Honors, HS credit, and the test of the high school. Test CLEP will test your regular HS skills and will give you college credit if you pass. These tests are computer tests and are usually applied on a daily basis. Verify that, ok?

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