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In parallelogram ABCD, what is DC? DC = in.Download png

Ralph Lopez

in Mathematics

1 answer

1 answer

James Washington on February 3, 2019

As ABCD is a parallelogram, line AB and line DC are parallel and have the same value.To fix this, to equate the line AB to be the same with the DC line.Thus,the Line AB = Line DC(9x-14) = (3x +4)inNext group like terms to obtain the value of the x9x in-3x = 4+14-in. = x = 3inSince, we now have the value of x, the substitution of the line DC from the equation.DC=(3x+4)inDC=(3(3) +4)inDC=(9 +4) inDC= 13 to check if the value is actually correct, replace X ABAB=(9x -14)inAB=(9(3)-14)inAB=(27-14)inAB=13 in

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