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In most spanish-speaking countries, married women legally __. adopt their husbands' surnames retain their maiden surnames in the name maría antonia abad fernández, abad is the __. paternal surname maternal surname if lourdes blanco cabrera marries carlos arias delgado, she could present herself as __. lourdes cabrera de delgado lourdes blanco de arias in the name luis felipe gonzález y pérez, pérez is the ___. paternal surname maternal surname

Samantha Barber

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1 answer

Jeremy Wood on December 7, 2018

In most Spanish-speaking countries, women do not legally change their names in marriage. Maiden names (the first of which is their father's first surname and the second of which is his mother's surname) are preserved. In the above examples, 'Abbot' is the paternal surname, Lourdes present herself as "... Arias' (but legally it would still be White Cabrera), and PĂ©rez is the mother's maiden name, the maiden name of the mother.

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