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In a typical rear-end collision, the victim's ________ is/are accelerated faster and harder than the torso

Ashley Howard

in Physics

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1 answer

Theresa Perry on September 25, 2018

The victim's head is accelerated faster and harder than the torso when the victom is involved in a typical case of a rear collision.The traffic accident when a vehicle collides with another vehicle that is directly in front of it is called a rear-end collision. One of the most common accidents in the united States is the rear-end collision, and in many cases, rear-end collisions prompted drivers that are inattentive, the unfavorable conditions of the road, and the poor after distance. A sufficient space in the front of your car, so you can stop when the car in front of you stops suddenly, it is a basic driving rule. The person is not the safe driving of if he / she is behind you and couldn't stop.

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