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I’m Looking for Guidance on How to Study for Exams and Pass Nursing School. How Can I Do It?

I’ve just completed my high school education, and I’m contemplating joining the nursing school. I’ve carried out my own personal research and talked to several people who have been to nursing school about the system and how to study for exams. According to most, these studies are more of a seesaw of finding enough sleep versus ensuring you don’t end up so overwhelmed with the pile of study material that you’re expected to master.

With all that in mind, I’ve decided to seek professional assistance on nursing school study tools to supplement on what I’ve learned from the free study guides offered online. So how does one prepare and pass the nursing exam?

Dana Keller

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1 answer

Kevin Sutter on March 21, 2018

Your decision to enroll in nursing school is commendable. Your efforts in looking for information is a clear indicator that you’re indeed into nursing. Here are some of the essential tips on how you can come out successful in your nursing course.

  • Get yourself organized

You may have come across this tip on any free study guide you come across. But this is one of those courses that really require you to be an organized student. Being organized is one of the crucial study tools in nursing school. By staying organized, you will be able to save lots of precious time for you to sit and study. Keep your notes organized, alongside any related material, to grab anything you need and remain focused on your study.

  • Follow your exam study guide

One crucial way of ensuring you remain focused on your nursing studies is by basing your learning on the study guide. This reveals the subject area that your exam focuses on and how questions are presented in the tests. Of course, not everything a nurse should know is available in the licensing exam. However, if you aim at passing the exam throughout your study, then you’ll be more confident on the exam day. Notably, you can get other essential study guides for free online.

  • Conduct a little study daily

It is impossible to cram the whole week’s study into several weekend hours. Always commit to investing some of your time in nursing studies each day even if it means breaking it into smaller increments for you to understand. This way, you will find it less overwhelming, and you’ll be able to retain more information.

  • Keep your patients in mind

The nursing course involves a lot of tests, classes, and study. Therefore, you may be tempted to lose sight of the purpose of the entire trouble. Thus, as you memorize facts and information, it is advisable that you imagine how you would communicate a condition to a patient. This is an important element of self-test, and if you can beat this, then you’ve definitely grasped the material.

  • Study smart

Your instructors may assign you various chapters alongside additional outside material each week. However, it may be impossible to memorize every element. Therefore, instead of struggling with too much reading material, you can just focus on the key points sampled from the bulk of your studying. This is one of the most effective ways of studying for nursing exams.

  • Memorization versus comprehension

Next time you find yourself with a bunch of material, go read and memorize, stop and ask yourself whether you should be comprehending or memorizing. Most nursing students don’t understand that succeeding in nursing school requires one to have robust critical thinking skills, and not memorizing the entire book.

  • All the best in your endeavors!

Kayla Bowen2 years ago

Nice insights up there. I am a practicing nurse, and I’m willing to share my success story. In order to pass nursing school, I ensured that I'd used all the available resources that I had for studying. I used my own notes, textbooks, NCLEX review books, and CD-ROMS. I even made an effort to test myself on sections that we had not yet gotten to since I had familiarized myself with the testing style.

If you can find a study guide for free or for sale, get it and use it. You can also take your time to study any handouts sent to you by your professor. I did exactly that. Sometimes, it seemed like I spent hours looking for the right answers yet none of the information was in the test. However, sometimes the answers were readily available. I found that in doing all this, I got to learn information that I had never come across when reading. During the final exam, about half the class failed, while I scored a 94. This is the same advice that I give to anyone who asks me how I made it.

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