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I’m looking for free online computer science courses with certificates. Need your advice and a bit of help.

I’d like to hear a few words of advice from you. I’m looking for free online computer science courses with certificates. I’ve already found a couple of decent offers on the internet and would like to ask you for help in choosing one of them.

My first option is provided by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Its free online computer courses with certificates are aimed at people with little or no programming experience which suits me perfectly. The second option I’m pondering over is Programming Fundamentals provided by Duke University.

Which one should I choose? Do you have any other courses in mind? What would be the best coding school for me?

Timothy Norman

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1 answer

1 answer

Victoria Fowler on February 13, 2018

I would say that you have an interesting question were it not completely invalid. You are talking about finding a free online computer science course with a certificate yet one of your options doesn’t suit your description.

While the courses provided by MIT and the Institute, in general, are amazing, these are simply open courses where you can study by yourself. While they have the professionally made programs, they do not give you a certificate at the end of it, as far as I know. It’s an MIT’s initiative called OpenCourseWare according to which all undergraduate and graduate materials are put online for anyone to load them for free. The initiative has been going on for more than a decade already; I can’t believe you’ve never heard about it. It actually pushed many other universities to open their materials for a free online access as well. Sorry, I don’t mean to be rude, I just want to give good advice and help you find the best online coding schools.

So, let’s talk about your second variant —programming courses by Duke University. That’s a great choice. This research university is highly regarded in the whole world. If it does provide you with a certificate at the end of the studies, you’ll have an amazing addition to your CV in the future.

Programming fundamentals is a very extensive notion. Have you read their program already? Do you know the specifics of the course? I think the curriculum is more important than the prestige of the school. If it has everything you need, why not? The institution is top-notch, the professors are great as well (I think that the online computer coding programs would be created by their leading staff).

Now, when I’ve left you with only one choice (sorry to disappoint you), it’s probably time to go searching for something else. It’s always better to have something left for Plan B. In any case, you can change your mind any moment and choose the best option for you. I hope that somebody else has a few words to say about other free online computer courses with a certificate because I, regretfully, have no time for research now. I’ve already told you everything I know about these two establishments.

I apologize if my advice did you little good. I really hope that you will find the courses that suit you best and get a certificate that won’t be just a useless piece of paper. Good luck!

Charles McAlear2 years ago

Yes, you are right about the open courses initiative. Though, I wouldn’t disregard this option completely. Just think about it: those courses that give a decent certificate require at least some basic knowledge. Besides, those online programs are usually very demanding and time-consuming. Think about learning something from MIT for the start. If you come with this knowledge at hand to the free online computer course with certificates, you’ll have a head-start and will be able to learn the rest of the program slowly and thoroughly. Speaking of other options, I agree that you have to look for more courses just in case. This is a list of certificate courses distributed by Coursera, the best stock of online courses of different disciplines. Unfortunately, most options require payment but the prices are very low. I’m sure you will something useful on this platform. At least, look at the options and try to decide what your backup plan is going to be.

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