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Im going to commit suicide please help serious I lost 1500 pounds that i asked my mum for so i could do trading and pay her back but it all went horribally wrong now i dont know what to do i need help?

Craig Stewart

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1 answer

1 answer

Kyle Mckinney on May 20, 2018

Not to commit suicide because of money! Are you crazy! Get professional help or call the suicide help line or something for heavens sake You can usually find ways of replacing the money that have been lost - but your mother can not replace. You're in a state of panic - it is not the time to take key decisions. Not/you should not make an important choice if you were drunk - panic has the same impact that distorts your way of thinking. Go to bed and sleep on it, or call a good friend. You need to get things in perspective - maybe you've made mistakes - it is just in this respect. Simply not follow a mistake with a bigger one. In the uk they say that keep calm and carry which helped with the world war 2.

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