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Ignoring personal feelings in the workplace is a big mistake?

Carlton Burgess

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2 answers

2 answers

Justin Parker on January 29, 2019

It actually all depends on a situation. At most times, separating your feelings from work is a good thing to do. We know that the task has to be done and that’s all that matters. Just as bringing your personal life to work is not recommended, your feelings may be irrelevant as well. Many people prefer to think about their workplace as a separate world where you become just a tool and no personal feelings are needed.

However, most of us cannot fully get rid of emotions and our daily lives to feel unaffected by anything at work. In this case, hiding and suppressing may lead to a disaster in the future. If your personal feelings are negative and bring malign thoughts, sooner or later, you’ll explode. It will do you no good to stay at a position that only brings you depression and negative emotions. In this case, it’s better to bring your feelings forward and solve the problem to make your work easier.

This is a double-edged sword that should be treated with care. Do not bottle up your feeling if they make you miserable, but also do not wear your feelings on a sleeve. Remember that work is no place for personal stuff.

Jessie Thompson on September 21, 2018

Ignoring personal feelings in the workplace is not an error. When your work is focused on the task at hand and put their personal feelings aside.

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