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If your vehicle was repoed six months ago how long should it be before you find out how much you still owe?

Heather Maxwell

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Jessie Thompson on June 7, 2018

Response . You must look at the Question my original response to make sense.\or I don't know why royr changed the question because it completley changes the meaning...\nSend a certified letter to the lender stating that if they do not contact\nis not within the 10 days that you will assume all the obligations with respect to loans\nhave been met.This assumes that you have not moved etc..they should have contacted you\nyou on the disposition of the vehicles...auctions etc..You may have some legal\nrecourse in this case, depending on the circumstances.. Response . maybe they don't want contact with you, since they sold the car for more than what is owed,which in this case would have to pay a check.some finance institutions should not pursue the monies owed after the repo.all depend on the finances of the company. Response . \nMost states require some type of notification.Every communication with a creditor\nshould be written.

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