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If your pay is being garnished for student loans what can you do to lower the monthly amount and stop garnishment after a few months?

William Cain

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Samantha Barber on December 21, 2018

You can definitely challenge the garnishment if it makes financialhardship for you or members of your family. You'll have to be preparedto show proof of your difficult situation. When the provision of documentsthey will have to see monthly and annual income and on top of that,you will need to provide your household expenses (Bills andsuch). Remember that they regard cable, timeshares, and credit cards as luxury expense so you must be prepared for them to only yournecessities. Here are the possible outcomes... 1) it shall suspend the embargo of 6 months... 2) they will reduce your garnishment amount... 3) they will calculate a voluntary payment amount you could pay 4) they are going to deny your appeal... 5) you will be asked to make the payments at the top of the garnishment.

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