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If you want to work with people with mental disabilities what kind of BA Degree should you take?

Justin Parker

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Ralph Lopez on June 24, 2018

There are several that could do. One is a psychology degree, but that require that you choose to go to the testing as a school psychologist or to go on to grad work, and become a clinical psychologist. Another is a school counselor and that will require course work and an internship. Finally, you could go into education and become a special education teacher. Who is required to take education classes, take the tests required for a teaching credential and to make the teaching of the students. So, it depends on what level you want to do and how you want to do it on your BA major. Why not call your local university and one of the counselors to discuss the options open to you. I'm going to tell you, as a teacher, and a counselor that the most needed and the most practical is a teacher of special education. ********Contrablue adds: You can also become an occupational therapist, physical therapist, nurse or doctor, and then specialize in helping people with mental disabilities. Depending on the entry pathway to any of these professions, a variety of degrees, could take, so long as the specific entry requirements of the professional school were satisfied. For example, one could have a bachelor's degree in history and later become a doctor (as one of my friends did), always and when the premedical requirements are satisfied. All of these professions can be entered WITHOUT a college degree (despite the fact that it has become typical for the future students of medicine and nursing, in the united states, to have a degree to entry to the professional school). On the other hand, therapists often obtain professional training at the associate degree level.

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