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If you file head of household and you have 2 dependents can IRS take all of tax return for unpaid stundent loan?

Ramon Kelly

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1 answer

James Washington on January 29, 2018

(Assuming that it is a government insured, guaranteed or otherwise involved loan - which are therefore allowed to directly offset any money the government will pay you otherwise).. Andour filing status and amount of refund make no difference to the creditors (in this case the Government), to compensate for the amount that you owe, up to the amount that you owe. They also have the right to use other means of collection, (as an ornament).. You may find that getting in touch with them and acknowleging your obligation to pay (there is no reason to stress now I understand that they're going to charge all of you, adding interest and fees along the way - every chance you have, through your life)...and the organization of a calendar of payments...which if you adhere to means, to stop alternative methods of collection (and is likely to save fees and we would add), is a reasonable thing to do. I have to pay for it somehow, anyway, tey are not going to disappear and you can't even clear it through bankruptcy (or death - that will take you from your estate before any heirs get anything). A little bit of contriteness when you do this it does not hurt.

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