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If you feel that an OSHA inspection is needed to get hazards corrected at your workplace which is the best option

1 answer

1 answer

Daniel King on October 18, 2018

The answer is to Submit a written and signed complaint with specific hazard information. OSHA is an agency of the federal government that evaluates each complaint, and then determines the best way of handling it. Employees who need an OSHA inspection of the site to get hazards corrected at the place of work must submit a written request. A written and signed complaint by a current employee must be performed with sufficient detail to enable OSHA to determine that an imminent danger, it is likely that there is. There must be reasonable grounds to believe that a violation of OSHA safety and rules there. OSHA handles complaints according to the seriousness of the alleged hazard and the number of workers exposed. It is not a matter of "first come, first served" complaints of order.

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