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If you divorce your parents at the age of 16 do they have to pay for you live in an apartment and pay all utilities?

Theresa Perry

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1 answer

1 answer

Brandon Scott on July 26, 2018

Oh, of course! Would you like a mansion, a private jet, a vacation in Hawaii or just the whole lot? Keep dreaming! Did you think that was going to be a bed of roses when you divorced your parents! If they had been smart they should have a divorce!!!! The divorce finalized means that we do not have any responsibility towards you at all. You wanted it, you got it, deal with it!I should add that I have hurt your parents deeply and as soon as you decide to grow I would be on his knees to ask for forgiveness! You can not replace the parents and when you grow you'll see what a pain in the rear THAT were for THEM!

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