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If you are in unemployment in 2010, the IRS can take my tax refund to pay debt, loan, student?

Eric Morgan

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1 answer

1 answer

Craig Stewart on June 5, 2018

It is very possible that if you are in GPS navigation tax refund program. Go to the IRS. gov web site and in the middle of the page where the image is that some of the page numbers from 1 to 5 choopage 4, the following information is for Reference, New functions, disclosure, assistance to people who face financial difficulties. For Unemployed Taxpayers to a Web page, there is information on issues that face financial difficulties. What To Do If...? Have a financial problem? Here you will find answers to some difficult questions. The IRS Describes the Additional Steps to Assist Unemployed Taxpayers and Other Business Taxes to Help Unemployed Taxpayers the "What if" the Decline following links

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