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If triangle GHI is congruent to triangle JKL, which statement is not true? a. segment HI ≅ segment KL b. ∠G ≅ ∠J c. segment GH ≅ segment KL d. ∠I ≅ ∠L

Jeffrey Rodriguez

in Mathematics

1 answer

1 answer

Whitney Matthews on April 30, 2018

When the name of two congruent triangles with the letters of the vertices, maintain the order of the corresponding vertices. This means that, when you say triangle GHI is congruent to JKL, the corresponding congruent angles are G = J, H = K, and I = L. with respect to the sides, the segment GH = segment JK, the segment HI = segment KL, and the segment IG = segment of LJ. Then, the answer is that, of the four options, that is not true is the option c, because as we already said, the corresponding equality segment GH is JK and not KL.

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