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If there is Extensive publicity by Selective Service then how can someone be unaware of the requirement until applying for FASFA?

William Cain

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1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on December 19, 2018

To answer my own question, I think it is a matter of semantics in the definition of "Advertising". A letter is not sufficient as a means to get in contact with someone about something that is "Mandatory requirement". People do move, and for some like me and / or are under the guardianship of the state or institutionalized to the boys at home until the age of 18 years. Granted, one is given up to 26 years of age to enroll, but to enlist in the army is insufficient, to register to vote is also inadequate. And if there is no Tv or Radio campaign, is not mentioned by the recruiters who walk to School, how extensive is the campaign for Selective Service?
If there is no excuse in behalf of the citizens who could not register with the Selective Service, in the same way, there is no excuse for the lack of education of your need. And to be clear about the reasoning behind this question and my answer; it is not only intended as a complaint of frustration in myself and in the Selective Service, it's major purpose is to help prevent any other individual from making the same silly error, like I did.
Sign up, get an education, period.

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