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If the H+ in a solution is 1x10^-1 mol/L what is the OH-

Carlton Burgess

in Chemistry

1 answer

1 answer

Donald Ward on March 12, 2018

The PH scale is used to determine how acidic or basic a solution is.we have been given the concentration of hydrogen ions. By using this we can calculate the pH,pH = - log[H⁺]pH = - log (1 x 10-1 M)to pH = 1with pH can be calculated pOHpH + pOH = 14pOH = 14 - 1pOH = 13using pOH we can calculate the concentration of hydroxide ions of pOH = - log [OH⁻] [OH⁻] = antilog(-pOH)[OH⁻] = 10-13 Mhydroxide ion concentration is 10-13 M

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