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If ocean currents have changed their circulation patterns, you can conclude that a. patterns of wind circulation have also changed. b. the water is colder and denser than usual. c. the rate of evaporation has increased. d. the climate will be milder than usual.

Cynthia Baker

in Geography

1 answer

1 answer

Zach Chandler on October 6, 2018

The correct answer is - a. the patterns of wind circulation have also changed.The sea currents are very important in the formation and movement of winds on our planet. If the ocean currents change their patterns of circulation, without doubt, going to mean that the wind patterns will also be changed. There are warm and cold currents of the oceans, the environment that is formed in close proximity to the Equator, and cold, and are formed in the vicinity of the poles. The temperature of the ocean current influences the temperature of the air masses above it, so that the warm ocean currents warm air masses above them, following their trail, and the cold have cold air masses above them, following. If the ocean currents change their patterns of movement, of the mass of air that is going to continue, therefore the wind patterns will change on a global level.

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