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If Jesus is alive today what would he say about the Mega Church's structure of the Mega Denominations of today?

Cynthia Baker

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1 answer

Timothy Norman on December 16, 2018

While it would be presumptive and quite possibly critical to say what Christ would say about any of today's large churches, it might be well to consider that in the Day of the Pentecost, after which the risen Christ gave instructions to his disciples, that 3000 souls came to Christ. This may have been only counting the male believers, as usual, and as he later recorded, "But many of them which heard the Word believed; and the number of the men was about five thousand." Acts 4:4. In just a couple of weeks, not so conservative were probably 25,000 to the believers to join the church in Jerusalem. That, of course, is not in a church building, but consisted of the people. That would rival the numbers in the large churches of today. Nothing is said about the size of a local church in the Scriptures, but it does indicate that the responsibility of each church to reach out to communicate the good news about jesus Christ to others.. Addendum . As to the larger denominations, the Question should be more specific. What about the major denominations, and are most of the big denominations where the Mega Churches are located?

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