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If cos theta=0.3090, which of the following represents approximate values of sin theta and tan theta, for 0degrees

Annie Barnes

in Mathematics

1 answer

1 answer

Annie Barnes on January 6, 2019

The full question is in the attached document figurewe know that 0° < angle theta < 90°soangle theta belong to the first quadrantsin theta and cos theta are positivecos theta=0.3090cos2theta+sin2theta=1step 1find sin thetasin2theta=1-cos2theta------> 1-(0.3090)2-----> sin2theta=0.904519 sin theta=√0.904519------> the sin theta=0.9511 the answer of part (a) issin theta=0.9511 step 2find so thetatan theta=sin theta/cos theta-----> so theta=0.9511/0.3090 so theta=3.0780 the answer in part (b) istan theta=3.0780 the final answer issin theta=0.9511 so theta=3.0780

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