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If a person did not pay student loans can the feds take your tax check?

Dana Keller

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Amanda Johnson on February 11, 2018

I'm sure that would be deducted from some kind of control, not necessarily your income tax check.

Best Answer:
yes, if your loans are in default, then, it will be included in the compensation of the Tax from the list. Once in the list, your tax refund will be kept by the Guarantee agency until the loan is paid off or until the loans are out of default.

In the united states, if Federal Student Loans are in default, then your original lender was paid 97% of its value of credit Federal Guarantee Agency. Ensure the Organizations are, basically, the insurance companies. When your lender was paid, the Guarantee Agency took ownership of your loans. Guarantee Agencies have the right by law to keep any Federal income Taxes on the money that is owed to you. They also have the right to garnish wages and to garnish Social Security benefits. If you need help getting out of default and get off the tax offset list, click on my profile, StudentLoaner, below.

Best Answer: Yes, they can tax offset. However, make sure that you change your W-4 form with the celebration of taking the least amount possible. You want money for taxes, not get a huge refund. This keeps some of the funds from the student loan collectors.

As far as the Social Security, they can garnish 15%, but you must leave at least $750 per month.

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