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If a husband has a student loan his parents cosigned for is the wife responsible for repayment of the loan if it should go into default?

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Ashley Howard on March 18, 2018

Response . \nobviously the husband is yours? and the parents who co-signed are his? and you are the wife? If so, then no you are not responsible in any way. Your credit can not be affected, its goods can not be, can't be sued, and not have to pay anything in the event of a divorce. If you took out the loan after you are married, then, in the case of divorce he could press for the judge to require the payment of half the debt and in most cases he if you live in a community property state.. Response . \nis the loan was made before the celebration of the marriage, the debt is the sole responsibility of the person who makes the loan. If the loan was granted during the marriage and the couple resides in a community property state the debt is joint, even if it were, divorce the debt of student loans and other debts and assets are equally divided. In some states an "innocent spouse" defense can be used belonging to a certain type of debt such as student loans, gambling debts, and so on. Wisconsin is one of the "CP" state that is quite liberal in the application of the innocent spouse rule .

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