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If a credit card company calls some one with the same name out of the phone book and gives them your confidential information what legal action may be taken against them?

Whitney Matthews

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1 answer

Carlton Burgess on May 8, 2019

If they are the ORIGINAL CREDITOR, and I would assume that you are, then you don't have reasons, original creditors are not bound by the Fair debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). The only exception to this is if you live in a state where the state versions of the LAW, apply to the original creditors, such as california and texas. Therefore, check your state statutes. If the laws of your state apply to original creditors, you MAY have some recourse. The disclosure of Non-Public Information (NPI) is governed by a large number of local, state, and federal. In the absence of a definition of "confidential information", no one can give a clear answer. I would suggest the research of state and federal laws that govern all of the information that was disclosed to determine if the law was broken. Some laws do not allow citizens to bring an action against the party, so you may have to report to a governmental agency in order for anything to come of it. Most of the statutes have provisions that allow for bona fide errors, and given your description, that seems to fit this pattern.

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