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Identify the polynomial written in ascending order. (1 point) 3x3− 5x2+ 4x − 7 −5x2+ 4x + 3x3− 7 −7 + 4x − 5x2+ 3x3 4x + 3x3− 7 − 5x2

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1 answer

1 answer

Ramon Kelly on January 7, 2019

Key words: Polynomial, identify, ascending orderFor this case, you must identify the polynomial is written in ascending order. If we want to sort a polynomial in ascending order, we must arrange the polynomial of smallest to largest exponent. By definition, a polynomial is of the form: Where: a, b, c, d, e, f: are the coefficients of the polynomial n, n-1,3,2,1,0: they are the exponents. This polynomial is of degree "n", since "n" is the largest exponent. x: is the variable Then, we should see it among the options given a polynomial written from smallest to largest exponent, i.e., of the form: Thus, among the options we have: written ascending Answer: Option C

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