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Identify all of the following solutions of square root of x plus 14 end root plus 2 equals x.

Justin Parker

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1 answer

1 answer

Zach Chandler on March 23, 2018

Response: or x=1.531 and x=-6.531.Step-by-step explanation:first thing we do is isolate the radical expression on the left side. To do this, we subtract 2 from each side:To cancel the radical, we square both sides:Now we are going to cancel the x in the left-hand side of the subtraction:x+14-x = x2-4x+4-x14 = x2-5x+4Make the equation equal to 0 by subtracting 14 from each side:14-14 = x2-5x+4-140 = x2-5x-10Now we use the quadratic formula (in our equation, a=1, b=-5, and c=-10):To evaluate the square root, you get the answers 1.531 and -6.531.

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