I would like to enlist the services of high school tutors. Should I go for an online or private tutor?

I have a part-time job and loads of math problems to solve. The stress of having to face both alone is a really big pressure. My math teacher has no patience for questions and explanations and I have to maintain my grades or take it up a notch. I have checked the services of high school tutors. All these services sound good but now I have to choose between a personal math tutor and a live math tutor. Can anyone provide me some information about it? Thanks.

Alexa Spicer

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1 answer

Derrick Little on April 23, 2018

Tutoring will not only improve your grades, it will provide you with the mental energy so you can focus on other things. The best way to know what kind of tutoring works for you is to study the disadvantages and advantages of both options. Personal tutor offers one-on-one home tutoring while live tutor is an online tutor. My answer will go over the pros and cons of a personal math-tutor and online math tutor, thereby helping you make a decision.

One-on-one tutor provides a physical presence. Students feel motivated knowing that when they look over their shoulders, they can find someone there. It takes some amount of burden off them, knowing that they will be studying or preparing for exams with someone else. Also, explanation between a high school tutor and a student is conveniently done. Imagine that a student is stuck doing an algebra equation, a tutor who is present can help in explaining the problems on the spot. Furthermore, a personal tutor can read a student’s mood and emotions much easier. He or she would know when a student understands the subject well or not.

While private tutoring is effectively in its own way, there are a few disadvantages. This option limits you to tutors who are in your area of locality. They might be the best in your area but not necessarily the best the world has to offer. It gives a limitation on getting high-quality tutors. Travel time and expenses also make a problem. Unless the student lives in the same house as the teacher, there will be expenses for transportation and time spent in moving from point A to point B. Also, if the tutor has to make the trip, he or she will include the expenses into her service fee.

Enlisting the service of a live math-tutor is convenient and flexible. With the presence of an internet connection and a webcam, one can get tutored. There will be no need to worry about travel time or expenses, as you can get services in your bedroom. Online tutoring offers you the best tutors available from any part of the world at any time and any day.

However, with the online tutoring option, a student may not get the same tutor for all subjects and will be left without the physical presence of the teacher. Encouragement and motivation may not be properly passed across using the internet.

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