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I wish to master in psychology, what should I do?

I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology. I wish to master in this field to achieve a higher specialization. I got an overall 2:1 score in my undergraduate studies with psychology as my major. I will undertake my masters degree in psychology from the first university that will accept my application. It should preferably be a masters degree in counseling. The money for my studies has always been a challenge. So I would appreciate advice on how to access scholarships for masters degree courses. Do help me out with this, please.

Rodney Fox

in Higher Education

1 answer

1 answer

Blair Lewis on April 10, 2018

This is how it goes.

  1. To get masters in Psychology, you must apply to a graduate school so as to get admitted. Applications can be sent online, so you only need to browse universities offering masters degrees in psychology to get your preferred university. Once you identify the one you want, you can then look at their qualifications and other requirements. If you are fine with it, then send your application.
  2. With a 2:1 undergraduate degree you will easily fit into a psychology masters degree program at almost any university in the country. Some of the top universities have very stringent admission procedures, and they may leave you out. If that happens, it won’t be because you are unqualified, it will just be due to the tight competition. This should not discourage you from applying to them. Moreover, you have a major in psychology, which is an advantage.
  3. I would advise you to apply for a counseling masters degree straight away, rather than one in general psychology.  Your specific interest in counseling will propel you forward in your studies. The people you wish to help will be a further motivation to excel. This is will also narrow down your career path to exactly what you want. People cannot often get into their careers of choice due to the course they studied. It, therefore, helps to stick to what you really want.
  4. Fortunately, scholarships are available for bright chaps like you who wish to add to their education.  State and federal governments, as well as private organizations, offer scholarships for students. All you need to do is to apply for them once you get admission to a college. That way you will be able to cover your costs for the studies. You can begin by looking at Best Masters Degrees to check out available scholarships for masters degrees. Some of the organizations offer partial scholarships, and they state how much they will give. It is possible to get help from a second organization if you tell them how much you have received from the first one.
  5. Lastly, it is never good to accept admission just at any university that is willing to admit you. Set your standards, especially now that you passed so well in your undergraduate studies. The reality is that some universities are much more prestigious than others considering the workplace.

Kayla Bowen2 years ago

If I had a 2:1 qualification at my undergraduate level and a major in psychology, I would not settle for less. I would start by applying to the Ivy League universities for master’s program. Then, I would go through all the other state universities until I got the one I wanted. Settling for less usually results in a lesser life. My advice to this guy is that he has done the difficult part, what is remaining is the easy part. The tough part was passing in the undergraduate studies. That is done and dusted. Getting a proper graduate school and scholarship is an easy part. He should breeze through it with confidence. I also think that a masters degree in counseling is the best option for him. Enough people are going crazy due to the unending American rat race. He will never run short of clients here.

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