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I was very lucky to get accepted into a major London based University. Now my question is how to apply for student visa?

I never knew this would become a reality, a major university in the UK has just accepted my application to pursue a nursing career. it is unbelievable that my long time ambitions are becoming a reality. I need to know how to apply for student visa in UK, is it done online? Or I have to download a student visa application form? Someone told me there are some uk student visa new rules, so it would be good to know their current student visa checklist.

Curtis Rhodes

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1 answer

Jodi Brooks on February 2, 2018

The first thing I can tell you before I can even talk of how you can apply for student visa is that first of all you must be intending to study full-time for a degree as an international student, as long as you come from outside the United Kingdom or the EU. Any applicant who wishes to pursue their course on a part-time basis cannot stand a chance to have a visa. The Tier 4 Student Visa framework is used to calculate applicant’s eligibility. You must have 40 points in order to think of applying for a student visa. To get these points, you must have been confirmed to be accepted to study in UK by the CAS body. Your particular University should of course be in the list of the institutions approved by the UKVI and must have a HTS when it comes to the list for UKVI Tier 4 Sponsor, hereby you are guaranteed to earn 30 points. CAS numbers can also be accepted from 'A rated' colleges, but these colleges are required to provide an application for HTS status every after 12 months. For a university to be included in Study London’s website, they must have an HTS status. More information concerning each London University can be found by checking London university profiles or using course search for a course that suits you. You will get 10 points if you present evidence of funds that will be used to cater for your tuition fee and every month’s living expenditures as part of the student’s visa checklist. UK based tuition fee is averagely £12,000 annually ranging from 8,000 Pounds to a maximum of 36,000 Pounds. Studying in the inner London will mean that you must have 1,265 pounds in cash every month for all your study period catering for your living costs. This can be up to 9 months at most. London here means institutions wholly or partly in London such as the University of London, areas bordering London are also included here. Eligibility criteria can be found on the website of the United Kingdom on Visa and Immigration and that one of UKCISA.

With the new uk student visa rules, visa application is done online, any applicant can only submit their application for a student visa by filling their student visa application forms from the United Kingdom’s Visa and Immigration site, North Korean Applicants are exempt from this online application. Part of the application is the biometric information and fingerprints taken at the visa
application centres.

Kayla Bowen2 years ago

One other major thing international students must do when seeking to stay in the UK for six months or more is to pay an Immigration Health Service Charge of £150 every year for them to be permitted into the UK’s healthcare system-NHS. This is not more than £75 for six months and it is paid when the applicant is submitting their online visa application. Those applying for UK visas are supposed to pay in advance in the course of their student visa period in the UK. It is important for foreign applicants that they check their eligibility for United Kingdom student visa although it is advisable not to apply unless their acceptance into a course has been

It is important for applicants to contact their respective universities when learning how to apply for student visa. The universities have trained visa advisors who can answer questions concerning the Tier 4 student visa as well as guiding applicants through the application process.

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