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I want to study abroad with CEA in France during spring 2018. How is the CEA study abroad program?

Can someone explain to me what is study abroad? I also need a trustworthy program for abroad studies. I want to weigh what rewards I can get abroad. I have heard that by studying in foreign countries, one develops new skills that are marketable. In addition, I have heard that one develops new interests because of being in a place far from home. It is also proven that being away from home ensures that one remembers to explore their skills. I have thought of study in France; I hear their CEA study abroad offers wonderful experiences. I, however, need more details on these experiences. Anyway, I need to gain a positive outlook on searching for future job positions. I will make a more informed decision when dealing with issues relating to my talent and interest.

Jan Berry

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1 answer

Zach Chandler on January 15, 2018

Study abroad programs are usually experiential. You take the world as the classroom and each destination as a newly introduced interactive textbook where rather than reading, you are learning about art, fashion, culture, food, music, history and other ways of life in real time. Studying abroad is the best option for those wishing for opportunities to learn, discover, connect with and understand people from different backgrounds. I hope the above detailed explanation answers your question on what is abroad study.

From my experience, CEA is a trustworthy study abroad program. The CEA abroad study program offers great flexibility. The most essential element of the experience of the study abroad program is the way one fits in during their stay there. Most of the times a student’s experience of the overall program will directly correlate with the type of accommodation they are offered.

You want to study abroad in France? With CEA in Paris, you turn the city of light into your classroom. This capital has for long been a place for art, intellectual thought, world renowned cuisine, best art galleries and best-known museums. The city has drawn artists, thinkers, revolutionaries and writers. Presently, Paris is a European political and economic power house with a multicultural population. Studying with CEA Paris will position you at the center of francophone world.

What a program offers may be different from what a student is seeking from an experience. For instance, where a student feels that they need to be immersed in different language and culture, then they should be ready to interact with students from other nations and avoid students from their country. That way you will get peers from other countries. To enable the coming generation and the world to see eye to eye, we should act as agents of bridging the gap and desegregation. CEA abroad program allows a considerable level of desegregation and bridging the gap. I can’t say that your ideal experience will be fully met by CEA program, but it is one of the best programs there is when it comes to studying abroad. A good study program abroad is the one that takes you completely from your comfort zone. As an undergraduate student it is important that you build confidence by venturing out, you need to learn by participating, by seeing, through traveling and by doing things you have not done before in your life back at home.

Brian Warner2 years ago

I totally approve the above answer. ‘What is study abroad?’ is a question that many students ask themselves. Let us say you want to learn marine biology and be rescuing animals when oil spills happen. Unfortunately, you live in a state that doesn’t have a coast. There is a student who could
be good in history and wants to get a better understanding of archeology but he resides in an urban area. It is by understanding new languages, culture and ecosystem that you can appreciate where you come from. Understanding new environs also helps you understand what’s happening
globally. Learning things happening in the global landscape is quite different from reading about them in your class textbook. It stretches the boundaries of your mind. So, if you are aspiring to open new personal and academic avenues, get started in your search for study abroad programs
such as CEA.

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