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I want to enroll in a Master’s degree. What are the best study tips for postgraduate education?

My undergraduate studies were simply not the best in terms of performance. This was largely due to my poor study strategies for college. I had difficulties planning my time and getting myself to study. When I sat down to start studying books, I simply was not getting enough from these sessions! I am desperately looking for tried and tested study tips from experienced professionals in academia. The ideas should basically enable me to learn how to study and prepare for my postgraduate examinations.

Timothy Norman

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1 answer

Jodi Brooks on January 5, 2018

First of all, congratulations for getting through undergraduate studies. It is not an easy feat. You endured four grueling years and got something out of them. Postgraduate students often identify their undergraduate studies as their biggest regret.

Undergraduates often complain that they suffered major damages to their GPA due to the lack of acquaintance with various study strategies for colleges. This situation can be explained with the fact that those students are unfamiliar with the new study methods associated with university education. Therefore, they end up underperforming and not reaching their full academic potential.

Additionally, lecturers do not follow you up when you are at university. Often, they do not force students to attend classes. Most students therefore, tend to sleep through morning classes, fail to study for exams and complete assignment projects.

I have developed successful tips for studies that have immensely benefited both my undergraduate and postgraduate students. Below are tips specific to a postgraduate course:

  • Read ahead: Learning how to study ahead will be invaluable. Immediately after seeing your course outline, start off getting materials on the subject. Buy a studying book and access relevant websites in advance. Study the first chapters on your own and maintain a two week lead in your studies. If you feel like you are slipping behind, utilize your professor’s office hours and visit them. This will provide you with one on one tutoring with an expert.
  • Do not procrastinate: Managing one’s own time comes with several challenges. Chief among them is tendency to procrastinate. The best way to keep this off is by admitting it and putting up relevant structures to hinder it.
  • Be attentive: Always be attentive during lectures. Make prudent notes in lecture halls and laboratories. Learning how to study with your tech gadgets off is a sure way of fighting distractions.
  • Revise and review: Constant revision is the best way to ensure that what you study sticks in your head.
  • Be mindful of your health: Get enough sleep during the entire study time. Follow a healthy diet and exercise frequently. Exercise makes you an active thinker.
  • Form study groups: Together with other students, form a study group that will supplement your personal studies. The group will bring students with unique knowledge and skills together. This will therefore help in tackling academic queries easily. Explaining concepts to others also makes you grasp the information better.

Eric Bates2 years ago

This is very good advice I think. I would like to add some more study tips to these. Firstly, prepare yourself mentally. Go to class when you are prepared and ready to participate. Create a proactive mindset when it comes to academic matters.

Secondly, be organized. Arrange your reading materials well. Make organized notes that are easy to read and easily comprehensible. Store your handouts, assignment works and other relevant materials in an organized manner. This will enable you to easily access your course work whenever you need it.

Finally, after class you should be able to point out what the major points were. Try to determine what the underlying concepts of the topic were. Try to link the important concepts to real life case studies. Utilize other forms of learning such as maps, models, highlights etc. This will enable you to get a precise mental picture of the topic.

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