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I stay at home alot what do you think i should do with my free time at home?

Ross Pratt

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1 answer

Kevin Sutter on March 1, 2020

1. Masturbate with a photo of your mother/father (hey, I'm not here to judge). 2. Do unicorn's horns and post the photos to Facebook. 3. EAT FOOD. 4. Go on a bike ride. 5. Of the cup yourself... for an hour. 6. Dye your hair ginger. Fo' lolz. 7. EAT MORE FOOD. 8. Put a cat in a box. 9. Make a voodoo doll. 10. Make them look as you stick pins in yourself. 11. To make the tea as a T-rex. 12. I open the door with a duck face. 13. Stalk someone on Facebook. 14. Learn Klingon. 15. Invest in a trench coat and flash random women on the street. 16. To speak with an Irish accent. 17. Move to France. We like it or not. 18. Buy ALL THE THINGS. 19. Go on Chatroulette... with a goat ;) 20. Laugh at this list. I hope that a cure for boredom, we certainly have :D

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