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I prefer online schools for my children, is this move to the virtual realm a good or bad one?

I noticed that my children were neither enjoying nor doing well in a traditional school so I decided on a virtual high school. One of the main reasons is that they weren’t getting along with their classmates; making the traditional classroom environment inadequate for them to get schooled in.

Homeschooling isn’t really expensive as options for a free online high school do exist. The biggest advantage of online schools is that there are fewer distractions relating to clothes or friends. However, will my kids miss classroom challenges, physical activities, and socialization because of my decision?

Samantha Barber

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1 answer

Jeremy Wood on May 30, 2018

Even if children are attending classes on the Internet, virtual high schools possess more than just an online curriculum. There are real teachers as well as students on the other side. Students even have the choice of getting schooled in a classroom; within a separate building or a room allowed in their public school premises. All they do is log-on from a computer and proceed with their studies.

If you feel your children are not benefiting from the socialization of a traditional school and are being pursued by bullies; worried about kids wanting to be rid of school altogether. Sending your children to schools online would be considered a wise decision as here you are provided with a customized education. Students are allowed to choose their own pace of work and social interactions.

Classroom challenges: This may be true in regard to some online classes not being as challenging as traditional high school classes. But are all traditional high school classes challenges at the same level? Certainly not. Classroom challenges vary with different traditional schools as well. The nice thing about homeschooling is that you can match the school and class type to your kid’s knowledge and ability.

Expense: Online schools have variable fee rates, some are expensive and others offer quality education with low tuition rates. High schools with free online education are the state-sponsored charter schools; some of these charter schools go as far as providing free personal tutoring, specialized materials and a home computer with Internet access.

Proper socialization: This is not confined to the school environment; kids can socialize outside the classroom. Kids can talk to their neighborhood friends, meet people in community organizations or go out with other online students. Online students and teachers have the opportunity to interact through email, live chat, and message boards. Furthermore, not all students at traditional schools care about socialization during the half hour lunch break.

Physical activity: Many online schools do require students to complete a physical education course for graduating. Some traditional schools permit local online students to take part in school sports programs.

Diploma acceptance: Online diplomas are accepted in the same way as diplomas attained from traditional schools. The only requirement is that online schools must have accreditation from the appropriate regional board.

Homeschooling is not just for troubled kids but also for gifted students and students wanting to specialize in certain topics. 

Craig Stewarta year ago

The most important point to consider is that the online school you select provides quality education and is not an online scam; awarding your kid with a fake diploma in return for paying their fee. If the virtual school your kid attended wasn’t of the proper caliber, then you’ve wasted your kid’s time, ruining any future schooling and job prospects due to lack of adequate knowledge. This could also lead to a high possibility of the acquired diploma being rejected by colleges and employers.

The best way of avoiding such a predicament is to ensure that you select an accredited online high school. Schools with accreditation are only those which have attained a certain level of education quality and diplomas from accredited high schools will be accepted. The school’s website should be properly checked for accreditation, backed by information from your state’s education department, for it’s not being a scam before you decide to gain admission. 

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