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I need some general information about student visas.

I am a high school student; I hope that one day I will be in a possession of a visa. I dream of moving from one country to another because of education. The desire has made me seek some information about Canada student visa from USA. I need to start saving now, so I need to know how much is a student visa. I love Canada; I really need to know the Canada student visa requirements. I need the general information about student visas.

Kristi Hammond

in Study Abroad

1 answer

1 answer

Derrick Little on August 28, 2018

The era in education has made it possible for students to learn from different countries and feel at home. Scholarships have increased and anyone is a potential student of any country. You have amazing thoughts, I do counseling in the school where I teach, and I will be sharing some of the helpful information relating to your desires of having a visa and traveling around. Our minds are the valve gate through which information gets to us or get out from us. What we feed our minds will automatically give us a particular direction in life. What you are thinking about may seem small today but I can work for you in great ways in the future.

Student's visas are not given to anyone; they do not come as divine opportunities but because of good performance. All students that I have seen get the visas are those that worked hard in school and performed well. If you want to secure a chance of attaining your dreams, I have a simple way for you. Put more effort into studying. Study smart and achieve high grades, you will not struggle to find out how much students visas are because it will be handed to you. You have the right time to study. I think you have the best opportunity to show yourself to the world and shine through education. It is not only you but also anyone who has the same dream of achieving it in life through education.

You also need to know that the requirements of visas vary from one country to another. It is better when you have identified the country you want to learn from. The initial qualification is the result of school performance. When you get it right, you can stand a chance to study in any country, for instance, when we take the country that you love, a USA student can get a Canada visa. There are no restrictions provided one has met the minimum qualifications. The visas are not transferable. It cannot happen that when you have a visa, you can give it to your friend or he or she can give it to you. It is unique to you alone. It is so because of the information provided. Everyone is liable for the information he or she presents when requested. The requirements for Canada student visa can change by the time you are done with school, but remember when you succeed you will have made things easier for yourself.

Caleb Jenkins2 years ago

You have made me so curious, I am about to join the university to take natural resources management, I love anything to do with nature. I performed well in my high school. Does that mean that I can apply for a visa to study in another country? I like the Netherlands, I have never thought of looking for scholarships to study abroad. You might be the inspiration I have been waiting for. I love the guidance you have given; I wish I had read your piece long way before I completed my education. Today I could be having my visa. However, I want to take it positively, I can try a chance with the qualifications I have to see if I can secure an opportunity. I feel it is time finding out the Canada student visa requirements as a start looking for the scholarships and anything that can help me take my studies in another country. 

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