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I need help on my homework i have got to write a letter home from the trenches in world war 1 Please help me thanks?

Megan Page

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1 answer

Ramon Kelly on January 10, 2018

Be nonspecific. Do not say anything about where you are or what is going on. Not to be critical. Keep in mind that different types of people were different ranks, Officers (British at least) were virtually all of the upper classes, and the noblility. There is nowhere near the access to the media that there is now. Although the newspapers were quite common, what they actually printed was very strong censorship. I'm not saying what you should or should not write, I am saying it is important to remember what you did or didn't know, they were aware of a lot less than what we are now. Try to imagine what kind of a man is the writing of the letter. How does it feel ? What that refers to him ? what, in any case, he can do or say that will make any difference at all in your letter ? The chances are that it is very, very little, in fact. No matter where in the world is ? When the war is written ? What part of the service is involved in ? Please let me know if you want to, what is going on.....

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