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I need a free online chemistry course, where can I get it?

I am a chemistry graduate with a chemical engineering major. I am currently working in a food manufacturing company. I opt to undertake distance course in chemistry because I don’t want to lose my current job for attending a brick-and-mortar classroom. I believe the online science classes will help me acquire necessary skills in my field of study. I need a free online chemistry course to help me accomplish my dreams. Please help me identify a college that has such offers.  I want to build my career and give the public healthy and safe food always.

Frank Nichols

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1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on April 19, 2018

Chemistry is and will always be relevant to our daily lives. Organic and inorganic chemistry is a building block to our modern technological age. The food manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetic industries need chemistry graduates to help perform quality control tests on the manufactured products to ensure they meet quality standards. Chemistry graduates do understand that they are most valued by the industries to make sure the substances used in production are healthy and safe for human consumption.  Most universities today have science classes on the online platforms to help students and working-class individuals heighten their skills in science and build their career. The distance courses are growing big thanks to the good infrastructure. Today you can comfortably learn chemistry online through free courses from world leading universities some listed below:

  • Swinburne University of technology via Open2Study- building blocks of the world- learn about atoms, molecules, and chemical reactions. The session begins 11th February 2018.
  • Duke University via Coursera- introduction to chemistry: structures and solutions, reaction and ratios- for chemistry novice.
  • University of Kentucky via Coursera-  covers subjects in advanced high school chemistry structured by the American Chemical Society
  • Rice University via Coursera- General Chemistry: concept development and application, free online textbooks available.
  • Saylor Academy - Chem101: General Chemistry 1- introduces students to the world of chemistry and how atoms behave.
  • Webcast. Berkeley - general chemistry laboratory. Understand proper use of lab equipment. Learn chemical structure and reactivity.
  • Kyoto University via edX- learn the interface between biology and chemistry.
  • Open Yale introduction to organic chemistry. Excellent for students preparing to undertake physics and chemistry courses.
  • Carnegie Mellon University via open learning initiative- biochemistry. For chemical engineering and biology students with mathematical skills.  
  • NPTEL- biochemistry I: LESSONS: amino acids, protein structure, my globin and hemoglobin, vitamins and coenzymes, bioenergetics, enzyme mechanism, and carbohydrates.

For advanced chemistry enroll in:

  • University of Kentucky: cover selected chemistry topics as established by the American chemical society.
  • The University of Manchester- introduction to physical chemistry
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology via OpenCourseWare: study basic principles of atomic and molecular electronic structure, acid-base and redox equilibria, catalysis, and chemical kinetics.
  • NPTEL Course: quantum chemistry
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology via edX: COURSE- solid state chemistry.

Food chemistry

  • The University of Oklahoma- beer brewing.
  • The University of East Anglia – kitchen chemistry
  • Hong Kong University of science and technology- gastronomy science.

There are over 1300 free online course. Visit for more information.

Jordan Soto2 years ago

I am a beneficiary of distance learning. This is the way to go for we are much equipped with computers fully connected to the Internet, no need to get to a brick and mortar institution.  I did my biochemistry course at Carnegie Mellon University via the Open Learning Initiative (OLI). The university is one of the top universities offering free online chemistry courses; biochemistry and introduction to chemistry.  I will soon enroll in Chemistry 101: General Chemistry, I want a refresher on the periodic table, chemical reactions, chemical bonding, kinetics, and stoichiometry. I am very grateful for the online courses, I study at my own pace at my specified time mainly in the evening after work. Studying online is fun, the current versions of flash and java and MathML enable students to provide accurate chemical notations. Visit and choose university of your choice, follow the enrolment procedure and get started today. Don’t waste this chance!

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