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I missed the NASPA 2018 conference, what was it like?

I am pursuing a Masters in student affairs, and I am quite upset I missed the NASPA 2018 conference. Since last year I had been looking forward to this year’s event only to fall ill on the day of the meeting.

The NASPA meeting is one of my favorite student events. I had to confirm attendance to the conference way early as I was quite psyched for it. Anyway, I never managed to attend the function. So, is there anyone with info what went down during this year’s NASPA gathering?

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

Ralph Lopez on June 22, 2018

The 2018 NASPA conference was quite a success. It was my first time going to this event, but I was quite impressed.  I have gone to other students’ events, but this sure takes the cake. This meeting was the 100th gathering of the Association since its inception. The event was held in Philadelphia.

I attended several interesting 100th Anniversary sessions. These include:

  • The History Session

This session was the very first one I attended. The speaker took us through the NASPA journey since inception to the present time. Key events in the NASPA journey were also highlighted thus providing us with a better understanding of the organization.

This session happened in the morning and lasted for about fifty minutes to an hour.

  • Executive Leadership Session

During this session, people discussed the various ways NASPA leadership can be professionalized. It allowed the participants to evaluate the executive leadership of the organization.

  • Research Review Session

I must admit that this was one of those sessions where I just did the listening. It involved the review of research conducted in the field of student affairs. Participants looked at research that has been held in the area over time.

  • Leadership and Legacy Session

This session helped us understand the impact various NASPA leaders had in ensuring that student affairs are championed. We examined the periods when NASPA made significant steps forwards and the leaders that were spear-heading these crucial changes.

Moreover, this session helped us to draw various lessons by examining the leadership of multiple individuals who have been at the helm of NASPA. This session also focused on the role of NASPA in addressing student affairs. Over time, student issues have evolved. Thus, the meeting sought to identify the role of the organization in affiliating necessary changes in the ways student affairs are addressed.

  • Women and Leadership Session

This event made me quite happy I had confirmed my attendance and further attended this event. Being a woman, I get quite impressed whenever women are recognized and involved in the decision-making process.

What made me happier is the fact that this session focused on discussing how to ensure that women will stay involved in the leadership of NASPA for the next 100 years. Now, that was quite encouraging. I wish many other organizations out there can have plans that involve women now and in the future. This session was the highlight of my sit-down discussions. 

Leigh Mann2 years ago

Now, this is an answer from someone who is quite attentive. I do not even know how this person has managed to remember these many sessions of the NASPA 2018 conference. She has challenged me.

Away from that, I would like to offer some information on the activities that went down during the meeting. As participants of the conference, we got to perform various wellness and fitness activities.

These included a running and walking exercise. Here, willing participants were put in two groups. One group was to take a three-mile run. The other group was to walk for one-and-a-half miles.

Another exciting exercise activity was the SoulCycle. This task is exclusive to the NASPA class. You do not have to pay to take part in this activity. Nonetheless, there were limited slots available. Therefore, you need to RSVP to ensure you get a chance to participate in this fantastic activity. 

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