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I have an M.S. degree in Geography, what are some of the best online Masters in Education programs I can take to enable me transition into the teaching profession?

I am considering a career change to teaching. My M.S. degree in Geography got me into a survey occupation that I didn’t quite enjoy. I decided to quit the job entirely since I had no passion for it.

I am not familiar with accredited online universities that offer education programs. I need a list of masters degrees with short explanations. Does anyone have information on universities providing online masters degree in education?

Whitney Matthews

in Higher Education

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1 answer

Kathy Robinson on June 6, 2018

Here are some online accredited universities that will offer you excellent master’s programs:

Johns Hopkins University

This school offers a unique Master of Science degree in Education. The duration of this program is between 1-3 years. All the teaching is online.

You can start this course in Fall, Spring, or Summer. This class has the following specialization areas:

  •    School supervision and administration.
  •    Technology for teachers
  •    Gifted education

The cost of this course is $840 per credit. You have to include your CV/ resume in your application. Ensure that you indicate your work experience in the document.

South California University

This university offers an online Master of Arts in Teaching degree that will equip you with all the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure that your transition to an educator role is smooth. There are two areas of specialization in this course; single subject- for secondary teaching, and multiple subjects- for education at elementary level. You will experience two modes of teaching in the course of this program. These are hybrid and online teaching platforms.

All applicants are required to submit their CVs/ resumes alongside other application documents.

This program offers 28 credits at $1800 each. The duration of the study is 1 to 3 years.

North Carolina University-Raleigh

This school offers a Master of Education in Science Education degree. This masters degree in ed follows a curriculum of 36 credits. You will be required to finish 12 credits in the core, 15 general science credits, and three credits from a research project.

This course has six other credits from you specialization field. You can choose from six concentration areas. These are unique populations, middle school education, informal education, mentoring, educational technology, and a subject-specific choice.

You can also come up with your specialty by getting credit from any field you want. North Carolina University provides this online course in real time and asynchronously. This method ensures that a distance learner like you enjoys adequate engagement with your classmates and professor.

This class employs audio and video lectures. Moreover, there are web-based assignments and discussion forums. You will take online tests or sit for proctored examinations. You can finish your curriculum in four (part-time) years or two (full-time) years.  This program has four start dates in a year to allow you to choose the most appropriate time for your study. This course is my pick in this masters degrees list.

Ronald Miller2 years ago

The University of South Florida provides an online master’s degree in education. The course has a curriculum of 30 credits.  The USF Master of Arts in Physical Education curriculum consists of eight classes. These lessons include a research project that ought to be action-based. This class is taken towards the end of your study. You will be required to choose two specialties to round up your course.

A lot of the work here is related to an evaluation of the learning process and instructional design. You can also gain fundamental knowledge in mentoring and research. The areas of concentration cover topics such as sports psychology, adaptive physical education, grant writing, and sports in society.

This program does not follow a particular sequence; therefore, you can enroll at any time and get credits fast. This setup allows you to go through the curriculum asynchronously. Check out this program on USF website. 

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