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I have 140k in student loan debt 36k just in interest what can I do and is this why I can't find a job in over two years?

Melissa Norris

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Theresa Perry on March 26, 2018

Being in debt has nothing to do with the reason why you can't get a job. You can't get a job in this depression for some other reason; I have no idea what. Often in the united States, the reason is because you are a white man who decided to study social sciences or humanities, and discovered affirmative action exists. Now that you realize your degree is not getting you anywhere, you need to get somewhere in spite of it. To go from there. You of a new contact to the people that I knew from high school and the university , especially those who have jobs . May not be able to provide jobs, but they can give you suggestions and help you on the right path. Take a job to earn some money. You don't worry about being a job hopper. In the level where you are going to take a job, you will find yourself in a dead end job and no one expects you to stay in it for a long time. You are after the experience and the learning to do the job while earning a bit of money. Do not work for free. You get started to get out of your routine and do something different. Then, you can find something you like to do, that will make you money. Then you discover what you want to do when you grow up. (MORE)

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