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I am considering studying abroad. How can I find great study abroad programs?

I am contemplating several study abroad programs. I was looking at top institutions but have not yet come to a resolution. I want a place where I will be comfortable, a place where I will be greatly inspired. I looked at top universities in Australia but have been unable to make a decision. I would not mind to study in Japan if I could find a top institution that accepts foreign students and one that would help me in furthering my career. What is important to know when finding a study program?

Alexa Spicer

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1 answer

Aaron Lee on January 15, 2018

First, you need to answer the question: what do I need out of my study abroad experience? Once you have answered this question and identified your objective of studying abroad, then you can move on to picking your ideal country as well as institution. You need to be picky when choosing a destination institution and program. I recommend looking for things that enable you to integrate into the culture in that region instead of hanging out with Americans or folks from your state or country. If you do not require a homestay kind of program, then do not sign up for abroad study programs that only offer this type of student accommodation. A homestay, however, assists you in learning the language of the locals and makes you spend less time with Americans. If you want to avoid meeting Americans, then stick to cities that are small and keep away from cosmopolitan cities. There are many amazing Australian top universities. It is only a matter of navigation through the many out there and you will find one that fulfils your budget/need/goal. Confidence is of essence; you need to believe that no matter where you end up, you will get a wonderful experience. A friend of mine says it can be very simple to pick a program; you just select a program, enroll and go. Even though students may complain about certain elements, most people come back feeling that their program of choice was awesome.

Make sure you pick a reputable and recognizable program as an accredited university’s program would be. While at it, it is imperative to ensure transfer of credits is possible. As others have noted, it is also important to look for a program that satisfies most needs in your checklist. A program that has minimal classmates is recommended. While a program expecting you to carry out own research may be counter-intuitive, it helps you get the most out of the experience, be it a Japan study or a study in an Australian top university. The Monash university, University of New South Wales, University of Sydney, university of Melbourne and University of Queensland are among the top colleges in Australia. In Japan we have University of Tokyo, Waseda University and Keio University topping the list. While you pick among these options, it is better if you go to a place outside your comfort zone and a place where you are less likely to later visit as a tourist.

Caleb Jenkins2 years ago

I agree that you have to clearly outline what you want from the study abroad program. Secondly, you have to identify the amount you are willing to part with in your program abroad. Lastly, you need to write a rough list of the countries you want to go to as well as the environment suitable for you. Now that you are aware of what you need and have jotted them down, it is time to go to your search software and look for programs whose features resemble what you want. Search for information concerning programs, possible countries and environments where these programs are offered. It is also wise to consult the study-abroad advisor in your college. In addition, program alumni are recommended as sources of credible advice. They have been through the program you are interested in and can advise you accordingly. Academics, program support and accommodation are areas to ask about. A good program should connect you to these people.

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